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Subject  :  FAT32 0.95b driver at Netlabs
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  15 Jul, 2003 on 19:58
How well does the FAT32 drivers work? I would really hate to install and find that it still very unsafe to use.. what is the true story here?


Subject  :  Re:FAT32 0.95b driver at Netlabs
Author  :  tex
Date  :  25 Jul, 2003 on 12:42
Works good. I have been using earlier versions for years. Presently, I am using this version and have encountered only one small problem.

There appears to be a conflict between it and VFDisk 3.0. This conflict can be solved by reducing the fat32 cache to 1024 instead of the default 2048.

However, if you don't use VFdisk, you can leave the cache at 2048.

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