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Subject  :  OS2 World will move to a new Server
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  27 Oct, 2003 on 18:43
Most of You now knows about our plans to set up a new server and the first step has been taken last weekend (19/10) when we set up the new system for configuration and testing.

The reason for moving to a new system has to do with the current problem with the motherboard we are using. Over time it has proven as a unstable system that can not be fixed by any software upgrades or fixes. For more information please read following thread.

The currently system has been running now for around 7 days without any problem and with heavy workload. There will still be some testing done during this week. But we hope to start the migration to the new system 1st of November, meaning that there will be some downtime of OS2 World and hosted sites during this day.

For those of you having an e-mail account with OS2 World must confirm to us that you want to keep the e-mail service provided. This is done be replying to the e-mail that have been sent out to all of the e-mail accounts owners. For more information please read following thread.

For hosted sites at OS2 World there will only be one big change and that is that we will reset all passwords. For more information please read following thread.

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