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Subject  :  ZeroToaster POP/SMTP Server
Author  :  landreth i.h@te.spam.com
Date  :  19 Nov, 2004 on 20:56
Question if anyone here has some feedback regarding using ZeroToaster as POP and SMTP server under OS2. I have tried to set it up under OS2 and has so far not managed to get it to work. Got some updated files from the author that solved some of the problem that I had. But, can't use the config console so I'm starting to wonder if I should drop the eval of this system or not.

Please advice!

Subject  :  Re:ZeroToaster POP/SMTP Server
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Nov, 2004 on 01:08
I gave the latest version a try on a Win 2000 system and never got it to work. I tried out the old version couple of years back and really liked what I saw. Guess that I should give it another try to as well on an OS2 system.

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