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Subject  :  LAMP / WAMP Package for OS2/eCS ?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  15 Jun, 2005 on 20:01
Since there are huge amount of php based applications available; would it not be a good idea to creat a LAMP-package for OS2 where Apache MySql, Php has been bundled and installed and config all together?

Subject  :  Re:LAMP / WAMP Package for OS2/eCS ?
Author  :  warpcafe warpcafe@yahoo.de
Date  :  16 Jun, 2005 on 18:01

good idea - if that would be available, I'd get myself one copy immediately. If you ever experienced the install and setup of all that stuff by hand, you'ld like to have it all prepared in one package (me at least) !
It's rather simple to install that stuff if you're coming from linux than if you're used to OS/2-eCS in my mind. So I would really appreciate a bundled version with quick setup information (or a killer install script)... [*dreaming*]

BTW: If it's eCS + Apache + MySQL + PHP and it requires "less efforts" for installation, why not call it
eCSAMPLE - Server? [pronounced "example"]


Subject  :  Re:LAMP / WAMP Package for OS2/eCS ?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  16 Jun, 2005 on 20:43
Reason for asking out loud about this was that I've now so totally frustrated of not getting the mysql php extension to work after trying out on 3 different system and following all kind of recommendations. I guess the last piece is really simple and that I've so totally missed out some minor thing. But, having a single package to offer OS2 an easy LAMP installation would be great.

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