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Subject  :  GWT Window Manager (GWm)
Author  :  El Vato
Date  :  21 Jan, 2007 on 22:38
It has not been long since Google released the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) under the Apache license.

Nevertheless, open sourcing the code has began to garner the dynamic creativity of the Web --that free, unconditional, and superb quality innovation that ancient proprietary models would only stiffle. Luciano Broussal has taken a windowing environment based in JavaScript (< http://prototype-window.xilinus.com/ >) and tranformed it into a GWT Java(nessed) module:< http://www.gwtwindowmanager.org/ >

Needless to say, the cool GWm also can be built under OS/2. As a proof of concept, I began with a simple default application like the first part that I described at BigWarpGuy's post ( < http://www.os2world.com/cgi-bin/ultraboard/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Read&BID=81&TID=28&SID=VXj3nVngGAGIAx7V >) and downloaded the code from the referenced GWm site above.

I proceeded to play with the integration of the code for a while, initially thinking (after long hours of failure after failure) that it would not be possible to build/compile it under OS/2 after all.

Notwithstanding, my frustration turned to joy when I was able to continue using OS/2 for development. The following was just one of several cool results that I got after a couple of days of hacking lightly : Cool !!! . OS/2's Java by Golden Code Development still rocks!!!

Apropos, what happened to the Golden Code's rivals in Java dev under OS/2 Eh?!! They want to run OS/2 in a virtual machine now As Holger said when someone asked him whether he would ever port XFree86 to WinXX: NEVER!!!

Subject  :  Re:GWT Window Manager (GWm)
Author  :  obiwan
Date  :  21 Jan, 2007 on 23:42
Very cool El Vato!

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