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osFree project now has a donation page.

Several people had asked us about how to make a donation to the project. We had a donation page at sourceforge, but sourceforge donation service is discontinued. Now we created the donation page on our own.

It is located at Here we add some details about making donations to fund osFree project. The most prefferred way to support the project is become our patron at Patreon: Patreon allows to fund projects on a  monthly basis. So, you can start donating starting at sums as small as $1 or $5, up to $200 or more. (see Patreon page for details). The most valued sponsors and supporters will be mentioned at our credits page:
Also, for one-time donations, we made a bitcoin wallet, 1JZRh6xM3WWzesWzig2m8MdTDeCtAzDKQ4 (BTC).
Unfortunately, we cannot accept donations via Paypal, the reasons are explained here:

Except for osFree itself, osFree developers have some side activities, like OS/2 port of VBox, OS/2 VBox additions
(, fat32.ifs (, which are developed by me.
Unfortunately, these projects rely on my enthusiasm only. There was some sponsoring support from XEU for VBox OS/2 port project, but it was almost ended. If you want me to pay more attention to these projects, you can also donate via Patreon or Bitcoin wallet, just mention in the comments (at that these money should be spent to these projects specifically.

Thanks go to our friends at BWW Bitwise works GmbH, please support them too, via their Patreon page, and with funding via V.O.I.C.E., they support many projects, crucial for OS/2 community, so they are very important.

I'll regularly post news here and especially at Patreon page, in the form of blog articles.

Please stay tuned!

Valery V. Sedletski

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