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The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter - 16 2021

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - 16 2021 ----------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on
the eCSoft/2 site

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to
contribute updating or translating to your language the records, or if just
you want to write us, visit our Contact page or
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 * Tanglet 1.6.0
   Tanglet is a single player word finding game based on Boggle (similar to

 * Testlog 3.40
   Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when
   reporting a problem with a driver.

 * Graham Utilities 2.1
   The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of
   disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2
   Operating System.

 * FreeRDP Client for OS/2 20210420
   A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for
   Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows
   operation systems.

 * Uniaud, Universal Audio Driver 1.9.7 & 3.01.01
   Uniaudio is the OS/2 and eComStation port of the ALSA project (Advanced
   Linux Sound Architecture).

 * Data Transport Agent (DTA)
   This is a beta release of the new Data Transport Agent (DTA) for

 * wxWidgets 2.8.12
   An open source C++ GUI framework for easy cross-platform programming.

 * NVME Storage Driver 1.01
              The driver supports NVME hardware version 1.2 and later.
 * OpenSSL 1.1.1h
   The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust,
   commercial-grade, fully featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the
   Secure Sockets Layer (SSL

 * cURL 7.37.0
   cURL is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax,

 * TiMidity++ Player (ex TiMidity MCD) 2.13.3
   TiMidity plays MIDI and Module (.MOD) files. It does it in software
   without depending on any hardware MIDI support your soundcard might have.

 * Editor di testo TEA 60.0.3
   TEA is the Qt-based text editor for UNIX-like systems and Windows. With an
   ultimate small size TEA provides you hundreds of functions.

 * Astrolog for OS/2 (PMAstrolog) 4.00
   Astrolog port for OS/2 Presentation Manager. Astrolog is a free-to-use
   astrology calculation, charting and analysis software based on the famous
   Astrolog program by Walter D.

 * Lotus 1-2-3 2.1
   Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2, a powerful and versatile spreadsheet. For a more
   recent version see Lotus Smartsuite lotus-smartsuite.

 * IBM VisualAge for COBOL 2.2
   IBM VisualAge for COBOL for OS/2 is a COBOL development environment for
   creating applications on OS/2. It offers the best of both traditional and
   cutting-edge COBOL programming.

 * Process Commander 1.0
   Process Commander is a set of programs that allow users to manage their
   tasks, reliably recover from "system hangs", administer systems remotely,
   and develop custom system management programs using

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