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The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter - 15 2022

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - 15 2022 ----------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on
the eCSoft/2 site

If you find something wrong and you want to report it, or if you want to
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 * AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI)
   GUI front-end in Rexx language for FFmpeg ffmpeg-ffplay, which will allow
   for converting audio and video between formats.

 * WarpIN 1.0.26
   WarpIN is intended to become the new general-purpose installer for OS/2 to
   overcome the current lack of a both flexible and user-friendly installer.

 * Libsndfile 1.0.25
   Libsndfile for OS/2.

 * WHOIS client 5.5.13
   A new whois (RFC 954) client rewritten from scratch. It is derived from
   and compatible with the usual BSD and RIPE whois(1) programs.

 * Links 2.26
   A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
   frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
   graphical elements.

 * Maul Publisher 3.16
   Maul Publisher is aimed at anyone needing to quickly create pleasing and
   sophisticated publications, without the high cost of one of the industry
   leading packages.

 * FreeRDP Client for OS/2 20220411
   A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for
   Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows
   operation systems.

 * Agena 2.27.0
   Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for
   everyday usage.

 * QSINIT 08042022
   QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.

 * Odin 0.9.0
   Odin is the name of the project and software that allows users to *run
   Win32* (Windows 95 and Windows NT) *applications in OS/2 Warp operating
   system natively*, almost

 * JasPer Image Processing/Coding Tool Kit 2.0.22
   A JPEG2000 codec build for OS/2. Jasper is a software application
   specialized in bitmap conversion to JPEG 2000 format.

 * YAZ 5.30.3
   YAZ is a toolkit that allows you to develop software using the ANSI
   Z39.50/ISO23950 standard for information retrieval.

 * Libusb 1.0.21
   Libusb is a C library that gives applications easy access to USB devices
   on many different operating systems at userspace level.

 * Octave 3.0.0
   A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It
   provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and
   nonlinear problems numerically.

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