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Mksh (MirBSD™ Korn Shell) R59

Mksh (MirBSD™ Korn Shell)  R57 has been released to OS/2-ArcaOS-eCS:


Mksh (MirBSD™ Korn Shell) is a DFSG-free and OSD-compliant (and OSI approved) successor to pdksh shell.

"mksh is a successor of pdksh but not affiliated with the pdksh developers or contributors. mksh is not affiliated with the AT&T Korn Shell, its past or present owners, other than that both attempt to implement the Korn Shell programming language.

mksh targets users who desire a compact, fast, reliable, secure shell not cut off modern extensions; a shell with Unicode support; an actively developed, current, and portable product; one with developers that listen to their users' requests and implement them if they actually make sense.

mksh aims to replace pdksh in all but very rare use cases (such as support for checking the Unix mbox) and in all operating environments (thus including patches from pdksh on e.g. Debian)."

OS/2 Port Source code at:

Official Project Website:

This version was updated by KO Myung-Hun. If you would like to support KO Myung-Hun you can make a donation at his website.

By: KO Myung-Hun

Source: eCSoft/2

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