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Doodle's ScreenSaver v2.4

Doodle's ScreenSaver v2.4 is available for download.

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ChangeLog File:
* v2.4 : 2020.09.17
  - Support DPMS on Panorama, requires Panorama v1.17 or newer
  - Some Pretty Clock skin fixes from David Graser
  - Only install the correct language pack based on locale,
      with fallback to English, thanks to Andreas Schnellbacher
  - Add a bunch of Pretty Clock skins from David Graser
  - Add bldlevel info
  - Add NLS support for Cairo Shapes
  - Fix date display in Cairo Clock for some locales.
  - Change the formatting on the description box.
  - More compiler optimizations
  - Update the ArcaOS Logo description
  - Update translations of ArcaOS module.
  - Fix the wrong password dialog by changing a newline to a space.
  - Install upgraded objects to the same place rather then desktop.
  - Use WarpSans in NLV files except Chinese.
  - Update Spanish translation.
  - Change help file format, only for English and Spanish so far.

This is an Open Source Screen Saver for OS/2 and eCS. It's integrated into the WPS, replaces the old Lockup Desktop facility, and can cooperate with third party applications.


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