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Bitwise Updates: openssh, libgcrypt, perl, libc, libcx, pthread, libevent, exceptq, ffmpeg





Rpm work:
We released version 8.4p1-4 of openssh (An open source implementation of SSH protocol version 2), version 1.8.6-2 of libgcrypt (A general-purpose cryptography library), version 5.16.1-9 of perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language), version 0.1.7-1 of libc (Standard Shared Libraries), version 0.7.0-1 of libcx (kLIBC Extension Library), version 0.2.4-1 of pthread (A posix pthread emulation for OS/2 and OS/2 based systems), version 2.1.11-4 of libevent (Abstract asynchronous event notification library), version 7.11.5-1 of exceptq (Exceptq creates a debugging report), version 4.2.2-4 of ffmpeg (Digital VCR and streaming server)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install, use either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the netlabs rel repo or at the netlabs exp repo.

Non rpm work:
We are making steady progress in stabilizing Chromium.
To be able to finish this all we urgently need more sponsors!!!.

Proof of concept:
Among the proof of concept simplebrowser we also built the otter browser 1.0. There are still some bits to work on until we can publish it to more testers. One of the thing we need to do first, is update Qt5 to version 5.15. This update also updates chromium to at least 83.x. We might be able to update it even to 87.x, but this is not certain as of now.

What's new in openssh:

  • update to vendor version 8.4

What's new in libgcrypt:

  • disable mmap usage, as we lack some features still

What's new in perl:

  • add libcx to the exe as well, so we get a nice trp on failures

What's new in libc:

What's new in libcx:

What's new in pthread:

  • Return proper POSIX errors in 'key' APIs (try 2).
  • Retry waiting after DOS wait APIs fail with ERROR_INTERRUPT.
  • pthread_mutex_trylock: Return EBUSY when mutex is locked instead of ETIMEDOUT.
  • pthread_join: Don't call DosWaitThread twice.
  • Use _fmutex for pthread_mutex [#9].
  • Add support for kLIBC fork [#12].
  • pthread_join: Fix possible race [#7].

What's new in libevent:

  • Rebuild against libc 0.1.7 to fix faulty socketpair errors.

What's new in exceptq:

  • Update to 7.11.5-shl-beta8-2020-06-01 binaries.
  • Clean up spec file

What's new in ffmpeg:

  • Fix crashes on AVX hardware [bitwiseworks/ffmpeg-os2#4]

What's new in Chromium:

To be able to finish our goals we need your support. Please sponsor as much as possible via our webshop or via our Patreon page.

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