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TiMidity++ 2.13.3 R3

TiMidity++ 2.13.3 R3 for OS/2 version has been released:

TiMidity++ is a music player for MIDI files and similar formats. It is a 'standalone' player: it does not depend on MMPM/2 for its operation.

TiMidity++ version 2.13.2 for OS/2 (release 3) is a refreshed port of version 2.13.2, based in large part on Darwin O'Connor's older 2.10.4 port but with added OS/2 GUI (Presentation Manager) support. (This GUI is based on Darwin's old TimidPM interface, but significantly enhanced and updated.)

See the OS/2 release notes for a more description.

Note that you must install a set of sound samples in order to play most MIDI files with TiMidity++. As a convenience, I have packaged the highly recommended EAWPatches collection (below); this can be installed seamlessly together with TiMidity++ if the both WPI files are in the same directory.

By Alex Taylor.


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