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New USB host controller drivers: usbdrv240 - 10.240

USB logo-2Lars Erdmann updated the USB host controller drivers to version 10.240. (2021/06/06)
- Hobbes

USBDRV is an updated USB host controller drivers: USBUHCD.SYS, USBOHCD.SYS, USBEHCD.SYS, USBD.SYS, USBRESMG.SYS and more USB drivers.
Project URL:
changes in 10.240:
1) simplify and speed up routine "CreateTDList": this routine is called hundreds and hundreds of times, it is therefore time critical

1) minimize the number of TDs used for a transfer, this will prevent TD depletion when larger transfers/ a lot of transfers are scheduled
   (example: I have a builtin webcam sending MPEG packets of size 3060 bytes via a bulk endpoint of wMaxPacketSize = 64 bytes:
   it now needs one TD to transfer this data, before, it needed 3060 / 64 = 48 TDs to transfer this data)

1) change error return code from "ProcessIoRB" routine to cover the case a transfer is not scheduled at all and therefore no transmission
   result is available
2) add a check to "ClearStalled" (the data pipe of a device is to be cleared) for valid pDeviceInfo pointer:
   avoids a trap if a device is detached while this routine is being called, there might be more fixes like these in the future

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