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The eCSoft/2 weekly newsletter - 40 2021

-------- THE ECSOFT/2 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER - 40 2021 ----------------------------

Find in this digest all the records created or updated in the last week on
the eCSoft/2 site

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 * POSIX Pthreads 0.2.4
   This library provides basic POSIX Pthreads support for OS/2.

 * File Commander/2 2.40
   File Commander is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows
   you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a
   quick, convenient and

 * Links 2.25
   A text-mode web browser, which is able to correctly display tables and
   frames, and to render correctly most pages, even if they include several
   graphical elements.

 * JALv2 Compiler (Just Another Language) 2.4q5
   JAL (Just Another Language) is a Pascal-like programming language and
   compiler that generates executable code for PIC microcontrollers.

 * PostgreSQL Server 9.6.6
   A powerful, /open source/ relational database system.

 * NEPMD ( EPM distribution) 1.23
   NEPMD is an add-on for EPM, the Enhanced Editor of OS/2.

 * eCo Software runtime 20210927
   Runtime for the *new generation* of applications developed by eCo

 * Qt software development framework 5.13.1
   Qt is a multiplatform C++ GUI application framework developed by Trolltech
   AS (now "The Qt Company"). Qt for OS/2 is a native version of the Qt
   Toolkit for the OS/2 Operating System.

 * WebServe 2.2
   A lightweight web server for OS/2, written in Modula/2 modula-2, that
   should be suitable for most non-commercial web sites, and possibly many
   commercial ones.

 * Uniaud, Universal Audio Driver 1.9.7 & 3.01.02
   Uniaudio is the OS/2 and eComStation port of the ALSA project (Advanced
   Linux Sound Architecture).

 * Odin 0.9.0
   Odin is the name of the project and software that allows users to *run
   Win32* (Windows 95 and Windows NT) *applications in OS/2 Warp operating
   system natively*, almost

 * Createrepo 0.10.4
   This program generates a repodata dir and xml files for a repository of
   rpm packages. This repository is compatible with apt/yum/smart/yast and
   many other package-repository-related tools.

 * QSINIT 22092021
   QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.

 * cURL 7.75.0
   cURL is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax,

 * FreeRDP Client for OS/2 20210923
   A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for
   Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows
   operation systems.

 * 4OS2 Command processor
   A free release of the 4OS2 command processor. This software is not
   supported by JP Software in any manner, neither is it officially supported
   by SciTech Software.

 * Testlog 3.44
   Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when
   reporting a problem with a driver.

 * rdesktop 1.9.0
   RDESKTOP is a client for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number
   of Microsoft products including Windows NT Terminal Server, Windows 2000
   Server, Windows XP and

 * RPM&YUM for OS/2 4.13.0 & 3.4.3
   Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful command line driven package management
   system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and
   updating computer softwa

 * FluidSynth 2.2.3
   FluidSynth is a software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont 2

 * RamScope 2.0
   Absolute Physical Memory Viewer. Show any part of OS/2 memory. RamScope is
   a debugging tool written for the OS/2 Presentation Manager.

 * PCCOFF 20000723
   PCCOFF removes power from all PCMCIA/Cardbus Cards. The BIOS of some
   notebooks does not initialize the cards and thus the drivers fail to
   recognize the cards after a warmstart.

 * Corel Office for Java 1.0b
   Corel Office for Java.

 * ADU/2 (Administrators Disk Utility) 2.2d
   ADU/2 (Administrators Disk Utility) is a file and directory management
   tool intended for administrators of large disks running in an OS/2
   environment, especially in OS/2 networks.

 * Lynx 2.8.9 dev. 9
   Lynx is a text web browser with SSL support, now packaged as self
   installing exe file.

   Port by different authors.

 * R:BASE 4.5
   A relational database for OS/2.

 * Mozilla Suite
   Mozilla suite is no longer mantained. Available alternatives are:

 * Movie Contact Sheet 1.0
   Movie Contact Sheet allow you to create Contact Sheets of movie clips and

 * CUBE (Config Update/Batch Editing) 3.30
   Batch update of CONFIG.SYS-like, .INI files and WorkPlaceShell class. CUBE
   modifies a Target ASCII file, given a set of commands in a Procedure file.

 * CWR Javascript IDE
   Javascript IDE written in javasript / html code

 * LGOProc 20050627
   LGOProc is an file format procedure for MMOS2, for reading and writing
   OS/2 boot logo files.

 * SYSODECO 20040603
   Decompressor for SystemSoft-BIOS flash images. Source code available.

 * VESAMAX 19980313
   VESAMAX replaces higher screen resolution than can not properly displayed
   on older Monitors by lower resolutions.

 * XGA_PPM 20050630
   Convertitore grafico per la visualizzazione del progresso della funzione
   hibernate suspend/resume per BIOS Phoenix, utilizzabile per esempio su
   modelli IBM ThinkPad T42 (save2dsk.xga).

 * Bep2Mid
   MIDI file builder.

 * D1D2CRK 19990203
   D1D2CRK creates .PAT and .CRK files. Source code available.

 * DAT_LOG 19980313
   A developing tool to create log files (DOS). Source code available.

 * STPOS2 (Subdirectory Tree manager Plus) 1.70a
   Subdirectory Tree manager Plus for OS/2 (STPOS2) is a subdirectory
   management program for an IBM PC compatible computer.

 * PMFTERM 1.5
   PMFTERM is a general purpose terminal emulator for OS/2. PMFTERM provides
   FTTERM color emulation, as well as DEC VT100, ANSI and line-mode TTY

 * BILDSCHI 19980101
   BILDSCHI displays boot sectors, memory and registers. Source code

 * Drives 2.1
   Show all drives in the system.

 * MAID (Modular And Integrated Design) & LesTecIO 1.5 & 6.0
   *MAID* is an user Interface Front End software for easy prototyping and
   creating your own useful interfaces.

 * bootAble 6.10.3
   bootAble is an OS/2/eCS script to create a maintenance partition or a
   bootable CD.

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