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XWP (XWorkplace) v1.0.14 GA




A new version of XWorkplace is now available in 7 languages in both Full and Lite editions. This is a maintenance release with updates and bug-fixes that have accumulated over the last year.

Due to an upload error, only the Lite versions are currently on hobbes. Once this is fixed, all versions will be found there. Until then, all versions can be downloaded from the URLs below:

This version is available in both Full and Lite versions for German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Russian.

XWP Full de   en   es   it   ja   nl   ru

XWP Lite de   en   es   it   ja   nl   ru  


  • XShutdown
    • Power-off options have been simplified. The ACPI/APM shutdown option has been removed since the system always uses ACPI if it is available.
    • The shutdown sound which failed to play in Lite versions has now been restored.
    • The XShutdown dialog has been updated to suppress the list of BIOS-bootable partitions when booted in UEFI mode. It should also do a better job of handling situations where the data it collects from AirBoot is corrupt.
  • Folder Refresh
    This feature has been completely rewritten to ensure that every filesystem update is reflected in the display within 1.5 seconds. The rewrite also fixes a bug where the code might try to delete a file that had been deleted then recreated.

  • Russian NLS
    Initial Russian language support has been provided by Yurii Zamotailo.

  • XPager
    You can now enable Windows keys to switch Desktops without having to enable arrow keys as well.

  • Menus
    Separators between menu items might be missing or doubled at times. Many of these inconsistencies have been fixed.


Source: Rich Walsh

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