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Experimental "libusb", "libuvc", "hidapi".

Bitwise works published a new set of experimental new libraries "libusb 1.0.24-1", "libuvc 0.0.6-1", "hidapi hidapi-0.11.2-1".
These are important releases for the USB Gamepad testing under ArcaOS that is in progress.

These are available on the Netlabs-exp repository:

Remember that is is on the netlabs experimental RPM repository and will be moved to the release repository after further testing.

  • "libusb": generic USB library which typically is used by specialized USB libraries.
  • "libuvc": library to support USB video devices following the UVC standard.Many Linux video apps use this library.
  • "hidapi": library to support USB joysticks, gamepads and the like. The SDL library uses this library for USB joystick/gamepad input.

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