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New USB host controller drivers: usbdrv243 - 10.243

USB logo-2Lars Erdmann updated the USB host controller drivers to version 10.240. (2022/05/01)
- Hobbes

USBDRV is an updated USB host controller drivers: USBUHCD.SYS, USBOHCD.SYS, USBEHCD.SYS, USBD.SYS, USBRESMG.SYS and more USB drivers.
Project URL:
changes in 10.243:
1) fix regression error introduced in 10.242 (OHCI and UHCI rely on former sequence) but keep Mutex protection
   for properly setting TD parameters and chaining in "isoInfo" structure
2) add some iso bandwidth tracing
3) slightly update packet transmission time computation (PacketTTime)

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