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Quick 'n' Easy Finances 1.17

Quick 'n' Easy Finances 1.17 had been released. (2023-01).

"Version 1.17 2023-01-13 Fixed an out of order import from .QIF files on the Flat file version that will incorrectly add to register totals instead of subtracting from register totals. Added a "Recalculate" option to the right click popup menu in the Accounts window to recalculate totals and balances for individual accounts. Updated Publix groceries email recepits for Publix's new email receipt version from November 2022. Version 1.17 video update"

Quick 'n' Easy Finance is a personal finance program which requires DB2 or PostGRE. You can check a video of it on videospigot.

Developed by Nathan Woodruff



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