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USB host controller drivers: usbdrv249 - 10.249

USB logo-2Lars Erdmann updated the USB host controller drivers to version 10.249. (2023-05-13)
- Hobbes

USBDRV is an updated USB host controller drivers: USBUHCD.SYS, USBOHCD.SYS, USBEHCD.SYS, USBD.SYS, USBRESMG.SYS and more USB drivers.
Project URL:
changes in 10.249:
1) revert a change done in 10.244: prevent a call for clearing a stalled endpoint if that clear would go against
   endpoint zero (default endpoint). The USB spec clearly states that a stalled endpoint zero will clear itself
   on the next occasion it is being used (and using endpoint zero in order to clear a stalled endpoint zero could also
   potentially lead to an infinite loop ...). An attempt to do otherwise leaves some devices (Logitech Laser Mouse)
   completely non-operational


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