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XWP (XWorkplace) v1.0.16 GA

XWP (XWorkPlace) 1.0.16 had been released.


XWP v1.0.16 introduces some of the most significant Desktop usability improvements in years.

New Features

  • Text Size
    With two clicks and a reboot, you can now set the text in folders, menus, titlebars, notebooks, and most dialogs to a size you can read. Use the first page of the Desktop's Properties notebook to try it out. In Test Mode, changing the text size will cause the notebook to resize and redraw itself so you can see what that size looks like. No changes will be made to your system until shutdown, so you can undo this at any time before then.

    Developed in conjunction with Alex Taylor, this feature relies on Alex's extended-size versions of 'System Proportional' and 'WarpSans'. The latest versions available will be installed by WarpIn if they appear to be newer than your current versions.

    Note: Text Size itself only affects programs that are aware of it. These include system components like PM, the WPS, XWP, Dynamic Icons, and a few others. Use Alex's newly-released Styler v1.20 to extend its reach to 3rd-party dialogs that don't specify a text size.

  • Large Icons in XCenter
    XCenter's Properties notebook now gives you a choice of Large (full-size) or Mini (half-size) icons. The WinList widget extends this by letting you set its icon size separately from XCenter and by giving you the choice of text, icons, or both on its buttons.

  • Low Battery Alert
    The Battery widget now has a Properties page to set up the widget's new alert. Set the level at which a warning should pop up (e.g. at 15%), and optionally, set follow-up warnings whenever the level drops another specified percent (say, 5%).

Updates and Bugfixes

  • XStartup
    Large parts of the XStartup code have been rewritten for improved reliability. It should no longer be necessary to impose a long delay to ensure the first object starts properly. XStartup's notebook page has also been updated with XWP-Full's Boot Logo option getting its own page.

  • XWP Help
    A Table of Contents has been added to the XWP Help system to organize its many pages into 21 top-level topics. Expanding a topic displays all relevant pages with no further nesting. Also, features not included in XWP-Lite should no longer appear in its Help file.

  • Other Changes

    • XShutdown has been revised to invoke Text Size's shutdown processing when updates occur. Related code has been refactored.

    • An undocumented setup string has been added to XFldDesktop to enable Styler and other shutdown utilities to invoke Text Size's shutdown processing when changes are pending.

    • 'xwptrap.log' has been partially reformatted to make it less verbose.

    • 'h2i.exe' which converts HTML help to .INF format has been revised to support an optional "Table of Contents" mode.

    • 'xunlock.exe' has been added to the distro to ensure scripts always have access to an "unlock" utility. It returns 0 if the file is now unlocked and >0 if it remains locked or an error occured.

    • A rewrite of the Window List widget should ensure that its last button doesn't paint over the widget to its right.

    • Code to read the display's EDID has been added to support future Text Size enhancements.


Until XWP's files have been cataloged, they should be available from /pub/incoming (the link for Styler v1.20 is already live).


Source: Rich Walsh

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