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Styler 1.2.0

Styler 1.2.0 had been released.

- Github Site
- Download Site

What's Changed

  • The dialog replacement font now uses the current desktop scheme's "window text" font, rather than a separately-defined dialog font.
  • Titlebar enhancements now use the current scheme's titlebar text font, rather than a separately-defined titlebar font.
  • The enhanced shutdown dialog no longer constrains the mouse pointer to the dialog by default (although this can be enabled).
  • Styler preference notebook pages now use the configured dialog font.
  • Various bug fixes and other tweaks.

"Styler (also known as eStyler or StylerLite) is a graphical UI enhancement for OS/2 Presentation Manager. It was originally written by Alessandro Cantatore, based in part on his Styler/2 product. It is now maintained by Alexander Taylor. Styler is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3."


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