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Mensys BV: ArcaOS, successor of OS/2 and eComStation

Dear Customer,

There is a new OS/2 and a new eComStation! We now offer ArcaOS 5.1.

As time moves on and PC hardware and software platforms have changed, so has OS/2. The recently released ArcaOS 5.1 from Arca Noae is the only OS/2 version that supports UEFI, GPT partitions and USB 3.0. Install ArcaOS next to your Windows 10, Windows 11 or Linux, even on disks larger than 2 TB! Or use VirtualBox to run it in a virtual environment. VirtualBox is a free download. So you can run your old trusted software on fast, modern hardware.

In our own office we use ArcaOS on all our workstations and we even run OS/2 Lan Server and DB2 server on ArcaOS. We can help you with the installation on your system(s).

Please mail us if you would like more information. You can find pricing information and order from:

Experience the best of OS/2 with ArcaOS 5.1!

Menso de Jong
Mensys BV | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | +31(0)854019160

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