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eCo Software Runtime - 2024-01-26

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eCo Software runtime had been updated to version 2024-01-26

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"The eCo Software Runtime packages provide support libraries for eCo Software applications and any third party applications, that use eCo Software Developer's Toolkit. The toolkit includes libraries, headers, documentation and samples for all runtime libraries. "

By: Dmitry A. Steklenev


Change log:

  • ecloange
    21.01.2024 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – Added REXX interface.
  • ezip
    14.10.2023 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – Fixed extraction of Windows PE executable files resource data.
    – Added support for extracting data from OS/2 Linear Executable files.
  • eicons
    26.01.2024 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – The eQueryDriveName function no longer query CD drive volume label. This behavior can be redefined via ULONG value of the ReliableDrives key of the PM_ControlPanel section of the user profile.
  • foc
    26.10.2023 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – Improved compatibility with standard system file dialog.
  • progress
    25.01.2024 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – The “Copy All” menu item has been added to the dialog system menu.
  • xio
    23.10.2023 Dmitry A.Steklenev
    – Added xio_set_bypass_local() and xio_bypass_local() functions. Now a HTTP proxy can be bypassed during to access to local area network.
    – Added full support for HTTPS streams.

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