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File Manager/2 (FM/2) 3.25.0 Released

FM/2 3.25.0 has been released. (2024-06-03)

- Hobbes Archive

"File Manager/2 is  Presentation Manager file manager software, it is known as the Swiss Army Knife of GUI file managers. It is open source software under the GNU GPL V2 license."

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 o Adjust layouts of dialogs to support larger font sizes (Gregg)
 o Move the Help button to the lower left corner on most dialogs (Gregg)
 o Fix spurious ea, date and time on nonexistent files in the compare dialog
   Ticket #575 (Gregg)
 o Fix occasional corruption in tree container on startup and rescan
   Ticket #583 (Gregg)
 o Fix spurious "no drop" on first subdirectories in the tree container
   Ticket #584 (Gregg)
 o Fix a trap caused by using a keyboard search in the tree container (Gregg)
 o Fix a rare trap on tree container scan or rescan (Gregg)
 o Fix some font and layout issues in View and Newview (Gregg)
 o Rework RemoveCnrItems and RemoveArcItems to prevent traps (Steven)
 o Rework FreeCnrItems to assure that all CNRITEMs are deleted (Steven)
 o Use WinSendMsg CMA_NEXT instead of preccNextRecord so linkage is maintained
   following inserts and deletions. (Steven)
 o Some packaging updates including Ticket #574 (John)  

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