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Warpstock Europe 2020 virtual event is next weekend 16th and 17th of May!

Dear OS/2 community,

Warpstock Europe 2020 is now a virtual event duo to the Coroana virus. You can find the details on

This year we do not have that many presentations on the schedule.  This has happened because I (Roderick Klein) have had a mild form of the Corona virus. I have recovered but it did influence my time to work on Warpstock Europe in a timely manner. Sorry about this.

The event will held next week on Saturday and Sunday (16th and 17th of May). Visit for details.

The video stream will be followed via, the link for the video stream can be found on On that website you can find the current schedule for the presentations.
Take into acount the difference in time zones!

You can ask questions via IRC to the presenters.
Details how to join IRC can also be found on

Next year in 2021 we hope to have a real Warpstock Europe meeting you all in person again! See you online this year.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE foundation

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