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Warpstock Europe 2021 - Live Stream - Saturday, 5th June

Watch the Warpstock Europe 2021 stream (Saturday, 5th June) :



Saturday 5th of June

Central European time: 

Time Title Speaker
16:00-16:10 Opening and update off the OS/2 VOICE foundation Roderick Klein
16:10-17:00 ArcaOS, UEFI & GPT (update!) Alex Taylor
17:00-17:45 ArcaOS Roadmap: What's Planned for 5.1 Lewis Rosenthal from Arca Noae LLC
17:45-19:00 Break for Lunch/dinner.  
19:00-19:45 ArcaMaper UI: The Next Generation:(Tool for connecting to networkshares) Alex Taylor
19:45-20:30 Update from BWW about the demo new Otter Browser Dmitriy Kuminov & Roderick Klein

Software Provisioning

Ben Rietbroek
21:15-21:30 Closing of WSE 2021 Roderick


The table below lists a few times in CEST and corresponding times in different timezones.

Amsterdam New York Los Angeles Tokyo
16:00 10:00 AM 7:00 AM 23:00
18:00 12:00 PM 9:00 AM 01:00
21:00 3:00 PM 12:00 PM 04:00

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