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OS/2 World.Com has from the start been based on a zero budget with a nonprofit goal to create an online community for OS/2 users worldwide. Due to the interest and the high demand on availability of the site. We now ask for help by turning to the OS/2 community, companies and other organization with an interest of OS/2. With the goal to maintain the server and increase the stability of OS/2 World and the services offered. This has been done by initialized a donation program on suggestion from OS/2 World site visitors.

 If you decide to sponsor OS/2 World, you are then invited to do so using the PayPal secure online- payment system, which accepts credit cards or direct bank transfer.


2012 Raise Funds

We ended our 2012 fund raising campaign for new hardware. Thanks to everyone !!

Are current heroes that has supported our mission to provide free services to support the OS2/eCS community are the following;

Our Super Heroes are:

And Regular Heroes are:

  •  Joseph Kempf
  • Andreas Ludwig
  • Paul Smedley
  • Franz Blender
  • Thomas Hellsen
  • Karen Roberts
  • Anton Laux
  • K B Rietdijk
  • Tapio Angervuori
  • Jaap Stil
  • Angelo Barbara
  • Henning Jeppesen
  • Helmut Burgbacher
  • Massimo Sangriso
  • Klaus-Thorsten Albien
  • Donald Burch
  • Martin Iturbide
  • Michael La Martina
  • Matthew Walsh
  • David McKenna
  • Yuri Dario

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