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Happy birthday os2world - in motion


Sigurd Fastenrath:
And thank you very much, Martin - and all the others involved and working here during those years!

Happy Eastern, Tante pasquale, Frohe Ostern + Bye!

Thats what cloning with DFSEE finally leads me to.....

Martin Iturbide:
Thank you very much Sigurd.

I really want to thank everyone that had build this community. This is not only the efforts of the OS2world Staff, is everyone that replies on the forum and helps the other.

I want to do more, but it is hard to do it alone. My goal for this year is try to get more people inspired to collaborate and work together on this platform. I'm not a developer, but I really want to try to move closer to the dream of having a 100% open source OS/2 clone, and I need help for that. Every entry to the EDM/2, every update to an open source projects, every piece of open source ported to this platform just move us a little step closer to the dream.

Since this month I had started to share my thoughts on a blog:



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