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Final Request for Help for the Final Warp 4 Image Clone

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And another one funny thing - about SSD ;)
At least Corsair, at least on one motherboard model sometimes returns a garbage instead of data - while working through BIOS in PIO mode (prior to DANIS/AHCI start). After switching to native SATA in disk driver - everything becomes fine...
But on initial stage this produces strange traps, denied kernel file and so on...

Hi Sigurd

With regard to slowing boot down - not something most of us want to do  ;-)  - I think you may want to try BootDly.SYS

This driver is definitely supplied with eCS2.1 and 2.2 but I'm not sure if it is included in earlier eCS versions. If you have either eCS2.1/2.2 you should find BootDly.SYS in \os2\boot and docs in \ecs\DOC\BOOTDLY



Greg Pringle:
In an earlier post Martin says this platform is "dying". Well, that has been the case since 1994 when Gerstner had had his people tell Microsoft that OS/2 was not going to be marketed to home users anymore.
Since then there are new reasons to keep this platform alive. The least of which is virus control.

The work done recently on USB, ACPI and video is very encouraging for the continuation of THE platform.
The hardware problems that this thread discusses all seem related to areas where work is in progress.


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