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Guess - what.....


Sigurd Fastenrath:
..... will show up in a couple of days...  ???? 8)

See attached picture please......

Alex Taylor:
Sexy.  Isn't that one of my old logo graphics?   :D

Sigurd Fastenrath:

--- Quote from: Alex Taylor on April 13, 2013, 02:00:14 am ---Sexy.  Isn't that one of my old logo graphics?   :D

--- End quote ---

Yes, it is. The best OS/2 Logo I have ever seen, thanks for it! I just modified it a bit - with the first logo I have ever seen on my first own PC.... ::)

I ordered a design skin for the back plate of the Samsung Slate.

Can't wait to release the video, but my son and me are still cutting/authoring/editing.  ;)

This time the video will be of the best quality I have ever done (effects, quality Full HD, I am working on a Warp effect....+... ) - I hope I can satisfy the viewers...

And because it is not only about OS/2 but also about other operating systems and the whole comment is in english - I hope to attract some more viewers  8)


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