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OS/2 Warp 4 system font is too large - how to reduce font size?

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I recently installed OS/2 Warp 4 (currently at 4.5) and have most fixes applied.  I am having one nagging issue that I am hoping someone could help with.  The system font (System Proportional) is way too large and I would like to reduce the size to something more sane.  I am running at 1280x1024 using the GENGRADD (SciTech Display Doctor/se 7.04) display driver.

I have looked around and have not found much that helps.  I did try the DefaultFont trick and it does help in some regards but it still has its own set of issues (clipping, Help text still has some interspersed large font text, etc.).  It would seem that if I could tell the system to use the system font sizing that is used for 1024x768 that would work.  I am not sure how to do so or if it is possible.

Is there something that can be done?

Scott Gibson

Andy Willis:
I am not sure when this was introduced but you could try one or both of these:
REM ! SET SDDFONTSIZE = [small | medium | large]
REM ! SET SDDFONTDPI = [96 | 120]

Thanks.  I did try using both variables using different combinations but they did not do anything for me.  I had even switched from GENGRADD to SDDGRADD but they still had no effect.  Maybe they should and I am doing something wrong or have some setting that is off somewhere.  It seems that my particular SciTech drivers do not use these variables.


Hi Scott

Maybe you want to update to SNAP - http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/system/drivers/video/snap-os2-3.1.8.zip (includes Serial Number) - to see if that helps.



Andreas Schnellbacher:
Just always add:

   OS2.INI -> PM_SystemFonts -> DefaultFont = 10.System Proportional
   (space before 'Proportional')

to avoid clipping in dialogs.

With Snap, you can use alternatively:


There exists a patch for PMMERGE.DLL that allows to use

   OS2.INI -> PM_SystemFonts -> DefaultFont = 9.WarpSans
   (no space before 'Sans')

with a single drawback, so far (I use it since about 2 years):
Button fonts of the IBM help viewer look strange. Alex Taylor added
that Asian fonts don't look well with this patch applied:



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