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« on: June 03, 2016, 02:22:44 pm »
Does anyone know anything about VLANs.

Apologies, as this completely off-topic and nothing to do with OS/2 but someone here may be able to help...

I run a pfSense box (  as a firewall/router/gateway/dhcp server on my network and it broke yesterday - ie one of the NICs stopped working so my network is down and I only have Internet access by tethering my tablet.

I understand that pfSense can be setup as a router using a single NIC by using VLANs but I have no idea how to set it up. I do have a TP-LINK smart switch which allows me to set up VLANs but it looks fairly complicated...

I remember, long ago using 'NET ALIAS' in setup.cmd to define two IP addresses on one NIC, but I guess that wouldn't work if one address was static and one dynamic....

I guess if I got VLANs working I could try setting up OS/2 as my router...

The nice thing about pfSense is that it is completely configurable via its WEB interface.... Being open source, I wonder if it's possible to port it to OS/2. OS/2 already has its own TCP/IP stack and its supposed to have an excellent firewall. If anyone was interesting in porting it, I'd definitely like to be involved :)


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You're mixing the topics. VLAN should be independent of IP.

To configure an IP address alias, you could simply use, for instance:
ifconfig lan1 alias

And it also works with interfaces that have been configured dynamically (DHCP etc.).