Author Topic: Using various web cameras.  (Read 3895 times)

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Using various web cameras.
« on: June 06, 2016, 12:31:53 am »
There is a way to use most of the generic stand alone cameras. Almost all use the same internal software no matter who the "manufacturer" is.
There has been only 3 passwords for all the devices I have checked over the last 12 years. I hacked the cameras to find out how to use them.

Here is the a current setup which works for the current bunch. It has image and sound.
A batch file starts the process and calls a local "web page" to make it work.
The "DeviceSerialNo" is the password in this one.
Once the camera is setup (I use the other OS for that) it can be viewed with OS/2
The "RemotePort" number is what ever port has been configured in the camera.

@REM ===
SET JAVA_HOME=D:\java16\jre
SET SWING_HOME=D:\java16\jre
SET PATH=D:\java16\jre\bin;D:\java16\bin;%PATH%
set BEGINLIBPATH=D:\java16\jre\bin;D:\java16\lib\dt.jar;D:\java16\lib\jconsole.jar;D:\java16\lib\tools.jar;%BEGINLIBPATH%
@REM ===
cd camera
D:\java16\bin\appletviewer camera.html

<!-- Document fd3.html created on Thu Jul 29 15:36:03 2004 -->
<META NAME="generator" CONTENT="HTML Studio 1.50 for OS/2">
<!-- Body of the HTML document begins -->
        <APPLET name="cvcs" CODEBASE="" archive="aplug.jar" CODE="aplug.class" WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480>
        <!-- APPLET name="cvcs" CODEBASE="" archive="aplug.jar" CODE="aplug.class" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=240 -->
          <param name="RemotePort" value=49220>
          <param name="Timeout" value=5000>
          <param name="RotateAngle" value=0>
          <param name="PreviewFrameRate" value=2>
          <param name="Algorithm" value="1">
          <param name="DeviceSerialNo" value="YWRtaW46">