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Possible causes of TRAP000e in OS2LVM?

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Hi All

Having shutdown a system that had been running fine, no reported problems and xWP shutdown seemed to work fine, I was somewhat surprised the next morning when the system failed to boot with this problem

Exception in module OS2LVM

I have 2 other eCS installations on the same system and both of those fail to boot with the same problem.

I tried booting from the eCS2.2beta2 install dvd. That does not quite succeed; the system reboots when the graphical part of the install should start. I suspect the problem could well be the OS2LVM TRAP000e as with the problem disk disconnected the eCS install dvd boots fine.

Any thoughts on this problem - and how to resolve it? Possible loss of partition LVM info?

I could post an image of the TRAP screen if required.



Hi Pete,

TRAP 000E - PAGE FAULT: The referenced page is not present in memory, or the procedure referencing the page does not have enough privilege to access the page.

It could be that you have some dud memory which is the usual reason for this.  Just run memtest from a bootable CD.

Hi ivan

I had not thought of checking RAM so followed your advice.The memtest result after 1:33:02 is Pass: 2, Errors: 0

I suspect that the problem is LVM info related. Of the 3 eCS installations on the disk 2 boot from HPFS formatted drives and have JFS-1.09.06 installed. These trap immediately after the kernel message is displayed, probably during loading OS2LVM.DMD. The other installation boots from a JFS-1.09.05 formatted drive and gets a little further; chkdsk for the 1st JFS volume starts before the trap appears.

Jan (DFSee) is having a look through the files generated by the DFSee "analyse disks" function so if it is LVM info related it should be "sortable" - hopefully. The question will then be: What caused the loss of LVM info?



Dave Yeo:
I'd suspect a dieing hard drive. Also always a good idea to clean your computer. Do to using wood heat here, I need to blow out the dust monthly.

Hi Dave

If the disk is dying then I hope it does it quickly - only a few more months warranty on it. However, this disk has been accused of dying previously, about 6 months ago, as that seems the quick answer to disk/file/filesystem problems so I doubt that is the case.

I am somewhat hopeful it is some missing LVM info - I seem to recall a similar trap years ago when I did not run vcu(?) against a drive with Warp4 installed before trying to use it with an LVM system.

As Jan (DFSee) is currently on holiday I am not expecting a quick response but will post outcome of attempted rescue in the, hopefully, near future.

I certainly hope it is not a dying disk as I bought 5 of these WD "Green" 1TB SATA3 drives at the same time...




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