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MTP plugin for Netdrive?

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Paul Smedley:
Hi All,

Wondering how many people would find a MTP plugin for Netdrive useful?

For those that aren't aware, MTP is a very common protocol used for connecting multimedia devices (including devices like android phones).

No promises that this will happen, but I've been having some fun working on ndpsmb for use with samba 4.4.x - so I thought it might be useful to try creating a new plugin.

Some of this will also depend on how well virtualbox supports testing a usb device, as testing on real hardware isn't so easy here anymore....



Dariusz Piatkowski:
YES, absolutely interested, for the very reason you mentioned: mobile devices!

David McKenna:
 I would definitely find it useful and could help test on real hardware if needed.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Wondering how many people would find a MTP plugin for Netdrive useful?
--- End quote ---

Wondering why you don't just use Mediatomb (http://os2ports.smedley.id.au/index.php?page=mediatomb), which seems to work with my android phone, as well as with all of my other devices that have a browser and a network connection to the "server" (over WiFi, which is easier to use than USB, and it doesn't require additional software). The Mediatomb that is available is version 0.12.0, but I see that 0.12.1 is available for other platforms.

I don't have netdrive (other than what the SAMBA client for eCS supplies), and I haven't seen any compelling reason to acquire it.

I am not trying to discourage you, but I suspect that you could spend your time doing more useful things (WiFi comes to mind).

Dave Yeo:
I just tried mediatomb, dies with,

--- Quote ---2016-06-26 10:22:12    INFO: Configuration check succeeded.
2016-06-26 10:22:12   ERROR: main: upnp error -208
2016-06-26 10:22:12   ERROR: Socket error.
2016-06-26 10:22:12    INFO: Please check if your network interface was configured for multicast!
2016-06-26 10:22:12    INFO: Refer to the README file for more information.
2016-06-26 10:22:12   ERROR: upnp_cleanup: UpnpUnRegisterRootDevice failed

F:\mediatomb\bin>ifconfig lan0
        inet  netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast

--- End quote ---

MTP support would allow connecting devices much like a MSD. Currently here I can unmount the microsd card, risk losing it, plug it into an adapter and then into my OS/2 computers USB port and transfer files that way, or use FTP. FTP is slow over the wireless and the moving microsd card is a bit of a hassle


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