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VisPro/REXX Data Entry Object Pack


Per E. Johannessen:

Does anyone know where I can obtain/purchase a copy of VisPro/REXX Data Entry Object Pack?

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Per.

Was this software also from "HockWare Incorporated"?
On 2012 Dave Hock gave authorization to use his VisPro software as un-supported "AS IS" freeware.

Here it is some info: http://www.edm2.com/index.php/VisPro/REXX

So if it is not part of VisPro/REXX and someone has it, they may share it with you. (if it belonged to Hockware, of course)


Per E. Johannessen:
It's not part of the VisPro/Rexx, which I bought a license for years ago, but I believe this addon package was released by
Hockware. Free or not, I'd be happy to get a copy.

Thomas M.:
Hi Per,

in case you are still interested in this topic send me a private message.


Per E. Johannessen:
Still very much interested, pm sent.


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