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Crashes on firefox


I have had frequent crashes on Firefox the latest versions, very annoying. Some days ago I deactivated all plugins and activated one by one. It turned out that Flashblock was the problem. Now I have run without Flashblock several days and no crashes at all. Just to let you know if you happen to share the same problem.

Hi Melf

I bumped into a few Flashblock problems with the current Seamonkey ( and posters in the mozilla ng suggested using NoScript instead - http://noscript.net/ - which works pretty well.



Dave Yeo:
The problem with flashblock seems to be that it uses the flash scripting that our flash doesn't support. As Pete suggested, use no-script. You'll have to white list sites that you use but no-script stops a lot of irritating stuff.

Thanks for suggestions, I'll try it out.


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