Author Topic: OS/2 and Hyper-V  (Read 7073 times)

Sigurd Fastenrath

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OS/2 and Hyper-V
« on: October 28, 2016, 08:52:18 pm »
In this thread:

Hyper_V Virtualisation from Mircosoft is named - if it is possible to use OS/2 or eCS with it. As it seems that Installation inside Hpyer V is not supported I made a Quickshot: I used a Virtualbox OS/2 Installation and transformed the Container inside Hyper V. At least it seems to start  :D

This seems to be a possible way, but - if someone is interested to Play around with it - some more testing and digging is needed.

I am still busy with my next DVD  ;)

Just for Information.

Olafur Gunnlaugsson

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Re: OS/2 and Hyper-V
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2016, 08:37:06 am »
A couple of years back I installed eCS2 in a hyper-V container and by nicking a few extensions (not all worked) from VPC I managed to get a very usable system with a few caveats, including the ability to boot the system from eCS inside the container but without booting the Windows system, which is quite a neat feature. I stopped using it due to the fact that Windows took over ownership of the visualisation features of the chip if Hyper-V was enabled and refused to hand it back even if it was disabled, and that made all other emulator systems non-functional including VBox and VM-ware and as I had almost 20 years worth of images dating back to the 90's this was unacceptable, if a bit sad.

No idea if this was a bug that has since been fixed or if it is an architectural problem with the technology.