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Martin Iturbide:

I found it very interesting that a WPS class like "WPHwManager" got replaced by a open source one by Lars Edman.

I didn't found "WPS Class List" (XWPClassList class) icon on eComStation 2.1, I installed XWorkplace 1.0.9 over it so I can found the "WPS Class List" icon.

After that I installed and replaced the class as the instrucciones. I'm attaching some screenshots just for the fun of it.


Martin Iturbide:
here goes the rest.

Martin Iturbide:
┬┐Anybody knows on which part of XWorkplace can be added the description for this classes?

Check the screenshot to understand my question better.

Hi martin

The only description I have seen of this was the subject heading in newsgroup comp.os..os2.misc - WPS class replacement for OS/2 Hardware-Manager.

As to how to add the description to xWP: I think it is shown clearly in the image :-)

I do not think it is possible to add the description yourself - but I could be wrong.



Alex Taylor:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on May 22, 2013, 03:47:28 am ---┬┐Anybody knows on which part of XWorkplace can be added the description for this classes?

--- End quote ---

The descriptions are in <Xworkplace-path>\help\xfcls001.txt (or substitute appropriate language code).  Anyone with write access to XWP CVS should be able to make the same change (for everyone) to the file in <cvs-root>\001\misc.

Incidentally, the XWP class list is actually compiled into eWorkplace, it's just not registered or created in a normal install.  With a little REXX knowledge it's possible to register the class and create the object under eCS.  (Although in this case the file xfcls001.txt isn't included at all, so if you want descriptions you'd need to copy it from elsewhere.)


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