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Porting software to OS/2 sub-forum?

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Paul Smedley:
Hi all,

I see we have a Programming forum - what do people think about having a separate forum (or sub-forum) for people who are wanting to learn how to do Unix ports to OS/2, either using my build environment, or their own?

Or should we just use the main programming forum?



Martin Iturbide:
Hi Paul

I don't have a problem creating sub-forums, but I don't know if the volume of messages will be to high that will need to create a "Unix ports to OS/2".

I think we should try first putting it on the "Programming" forum and if we have an issue create a sub-forum about "Unix ports to OS/2".

You are more than welcome to start sharing information about porting more software to OS/2-eCS. And I also want to include more content on the EDM/2. I'm 100% behind the idea to share information about this subject.


Dave Yeo:
I'm inclined to agree with Martin. Odds are there won't be all that much programming related traffic in total.

Ian Manners:
We could always grab parts of threads in to a new none user edit thread and mark it as a sticky at the top.

"Paul's programming basics and tips"
"Dave's programming basics and tips"

Or is there a way to lock a thread so only one person can edit it ?
ie, Paul/Dave/other could then just point people to that thread/sticky.

If I get a chance while looking for some of my old OS/2 stuff I'll experiment :)

Paul Smedley:
My thoughts are more encouraging people to post their questions in one place - if I start trying to document tips, I'll never get any ports done :)

But I'll always try and answer peoples questions :)


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