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Neil Waldhauer:
I have a large collection of OS/2 materials, but I no longer have space to keep them. While I don't mind tossing a lot of it, I wanted to know if anyone would like a copy of the IBM Developer Connection. I have 4 copies.

These are notebooks of CD-ROMS that IBM distributed to developers from 1996 to 1998 that have many products on them of potential interest to OS/2 enthusiasts.

Contact me if interested, and I'll work out how to ship to you. International is no problem. eBay may be involved if they make things easier. (for international customs, they do.) I am in California, USA.

The attachment is the content. Two copies are are member-only and two are member plus advanced.

Well, I am interested in Developer's Connection if shipping to Poland is not a problem...

Greetings - Jan Waliszewski

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Neil

I'm interested on that on one too. I will write you an email to know the conditions.

I'm also interested on OS/2 in foreign languages that I had never seen, like arabic, greek, thai or turkish (and maybe others).

I have some Warp Server 4 Trial CDs (I think spanish) to exchange if someone is interested.



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