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Less success with MP3 audio stream at Warpstock Europe 2013...


Martin Iturbide:

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About the MP3 audio stream I happen to connect to it the first day (Friday). I had the luck that friday was here a holiday and I have some problems sleeping that day, so I joined at 4:00am local time.

That day the MP3 stream worked fine and I think that one of the best presentation that day was from David Azarewicz (Why does ECS miss feature X?). On that presentation he took some time at the end to do some brainstorm, took questions from the IRC channel  and also motivated the audience to make drivers for eComStation.  Motivating people is hard and sometime developers had taken so much heat, but lets remember that in this community the developers are the one that have more recognition. So that was an excellent point that David did at the end of that conference.

About the rest of the days, I was not able to connect as long as I want to, so I don't know how the MP3 streaming went.

The only suggestion that I have is try to bring more content to the world. We need more videos and documentation available for eCS-OS2, and putting someone to film the presentations is not hard. I don't care if it not 100% professional, but today an intern with a camera and PC hooked with Google+ Hangouts can do a very good broadcast on the web and record it to YouTube on the same time . It will not affect my pride to see a Mac/Win/Lin machine on a Warpstock doing the streaming, I'm no longer a teenager :) . Or it does not even matter if it is live streaming, just if in some weeks someone can upload the videos to YouTube for the rest of the world to see it.

Or maybe the people of the audience can volunteer in turns to film the presentation on different hours. If I have the way (sorry, money related) to be on WarpStock I will be honored to film myself the presentations and put them online. The presentations I hear were very good the content was very relevant.

--- Quote ---On Friday there were about 113 connection attempts and on average 15 people tuned in during the day. On Saturday we had 40 visitors.
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This was very good news. I really appreciate that this year we were able to have live audio streaming on WarpStock Europe and I enjoy it. I hope we can have more live streaming on the future and hopefully more YouTube videos. It was a very good friday for me and I sleep early that day.


Andi B.:
Wolfgang Reinken has taken some videos. Not sure if he wants to make this officially available to the whole world, but maybe if asking him per email he will give you a link. At least you can try....


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