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What are we mising to run "Jitsi" on the Browser ?

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Martin Iturbide:

Jitsi is an open source SIP tool for videconference.  It can run the client side on the browser (There are stand alone clients too https://jitsi.org/), and you can download it to run your own server.  You can use the free service at: https://meet.jit.si/ which I had tried on other platforms and it is quite interesting.

What  I understand that OS/2's port of Firefox is missing to run it is called "WebRTC."
According to this test (http://iswebrtcready.appear.in/) we are missing:
- getUserMedia() - Web camera access
- RTCPeerConnection - Peer to Peer connection
- ICE Connection - Not supported

Outside Firefox I think we also miss a way to connect Wim Brul's USBECD (webcam driver) to firefox.

Any thoughts about this subject?


Ian B Manners:
Hi Martin,

I would say that if getUserMedia() and RTCPeerConnection are implemented in Firefox then Web camera access might follow.

I wouldn't worry about the 'ICE Connection' NAT traversal to the same degree as that is often implemented in home routers, it is in my Netcomm and Cisco router's.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ian, thanks for the reply.

I was wondering on other platforms, when Firefox uses the webcam, it is using some kind of standard library (API) of the OS that connects to the driver? Any ideas how it works on Windows or Linux? If Linux has a library for webcam (that is used on several open source apps) it can be interesting to know more about it.


Dave Yeo:
I believe that most of this stuff such as the webcam support use system APIs. Looking quickly (stuff has moved around), all I can find is Gonk, which apparently is mostly for Android.

Martin Iturbide:

I really don't know if on each platform that Firefox has webcam support does each port of Firefox connects directly to the OS API for the webcam driver, or if there is something in the middle.

Checking some answers on the internet (not related to firefox) they say that for example Linux has the "Video4Linux API" and "V4L2 API". But I still not sure if that is used in Firefox in Linux.



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