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c Set++ V2.0 Looking for a new home


Eric Erickson:

I've got a complete copy (still in original box) of C Set++ V2.0 available for anyone who wants to give it a new home. I'll even pay the shipping (domestic USA only). If there are no takers its unfortunately going to end up in the recycling bin as we are packing for a move and its time to get rid of some really old stuff.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Eric

I have interest on it, but I don't know if the shipping to Quito - Ecuador will cost too much. Is there a way for you to find out out how much will cost?

Also, before sending it to the recycling bin, if you can not find anybody with interest,  it will be better to send it to the "Internet Archive Book Drive", so the software can get a change to be preserved (the same applied to OS/2 books).



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