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"Remote Desktop"
« on: June 05, 2013, 07:00:29 pm »

I would like to setup eComStation as a virtual machine, where "clients" would "remote desktop" to, as such, I imagine it would be a multi-user environment, and I'm not sure if this is either possible or how to achieve this? Would there be any pointers to documentation on how-to?

The "clients" would be unix machines, mostly linux; no windows.


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Re: "Remote Desktop"
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2013, 08:19:36 am »
I'm not shure what you want to do. Do you want to access other computers from eCS that is run in a virtual machine? If so so can install VNC server on the other computers and VNC client on your eCS system. I don't think the fact that eCS will run in a virtual machine will complicate things. AFAIK both the client and server version is delivered with eCS2.2beta, otherwise they could be found on hobbes. VNC for linux is available on the web.

If you plan to use your clients in a more complex way, I guess you will be disappointed. It is an acceptable but not a very fast way to access another computer. Personally I use it to access my printer server computer to do maintenance, for this VNC is quite good.

Reading your question again it seems like you want it the other way around, i.e. eCS should have the VNC server and the other one's the VNC clients to access eCS.
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Re: "Remote Desktop"
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2013, 11:15:57 am »
OS/2, and I assume eCS because it is based on OS/2, is not a multi user OS.  That being said, it is possible, with a lot of effort, to make it so a number of people can log in to an OS/2 machine and have their own desktop and settings but not all at once.

Here, our servers run OS/2 as webserver and file server and storage with each workstation running OS/2.  We do have a few applications that have been produced as web apps and as such can be accessed by any computer with a browser but I don't think this is what you want to do, although it might do what you want.

A little more information as to the type of working you envisage would help us to help you if possible.

Martin Iturbide

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Re: "Remote Desktop"
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2013, 04:02:36 pm »
Hi jerome.

If you want remote control of the eCS desktop, like melf said we have PMVNC.

But if you want to have multiple eCS desktops according to the user that is login in, like having two users connected at the same time and seeing a different desktop. I don't know how to do that.  OS/2 is not a multi-user OS like ivan said.  Any comment is welcome.

It makes me think  that it would be nice to see some Workspace on Demand digital archeology article remembering it. I remember I tried it ounce but it was so hard. Maybe now running on VMs can be more easy to set up a prototype.

Martin Iturbide
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Re: "Remote Desktop"
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2013, 04:51:11 pm »
There have been a few solutions available to address multi-user (not concurrently but to logon to the system with their own desktop).  eCS ships with security/2 or something similar to that name and Multidesk/2 is another that comes to mind.