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Every approximately 2 minutes shows me the message of the photo.
The c: drive with the system is a 30gb partition with the system occupying only 1gb approximately.But if I open drives it shows me zero free space.

The system is an updated ecs22b2
The hard drive is a ssd thosiva.

Andi B.:
Yes. But only when the drive where the ini files want to be written is full or absent. I never use a 30GB boot partition but 1GB only and usually do not have such problems. Except some program wants to fill up all space on the boot drive (which does not occur when it is correctly set up).

If you have zero free space the message is perfectly understandable. Find out what fills up your boot drive. Maybe \temp or FF \cache or download folder or... There are dirsize utilities as well as FileCommanders which shows you the occupied size of dirs.

André Heldoorn:
Are the full disk size and the free disk size, as reported by manually executing "CHKDSK", roughly the expected sizes?

If not, then what are the partition (order & sizes)? There may be an exceeded limit.

Same experience here as Andi: disk (almost) full.

Another question.  When did you last clean up the ini files?  I have seen this when the ini files get too large because of 'junk' getting left in them.

I also agree with AndrĂ© and Andi.  Who in their right mind uses that size boot partition for OS/2?  It is the boot partition not the dump space for things like HOME and PROGRAMS.

I have not explained well, the error is in the hard disk space that the system thinks it has free.
The sistem show 0kb free aprox. 30.600.000kbtotal

The new laser comander1.07.04 show:
Total size allocated 29.944M (error)
But if I sum all the folders with lcm 755.700kb (ok)

After I made a backup, format, and restore:
The sistem show 29.909.140kb free, 30.683.344kb total (ok)
The lcm show total size allocated 764.336k (ok)


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