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Neil Waldhauer:
Since no one has used a boot volume that size (although I use 20 GB a lot), maybe it's too big. Try reducing free space a little bit. It would be interesting to know if there is some limit.

This really ought to work, because OS/2 was actually supported in the days of 64 GB max partition size.

Andi B.:
Could it be you do not look at your hidden files? Or the files in \DELDIR? I doubt LarsenCommander sum up all files with 700MB when actually 30GB are used. HIDDEN and SYSTEM files are usually not see by dir or FileCommanders when not set up to do so.

Andi - I completely discard them as hidden or other files. Because what I did was move the hplip folder to free up space, and that the ini error, was saved correctly. Then I did the backup, and restore.

Neil - What you propose I do not think that alone is the problem. Among other things because I have another computer with two bootable partitions of 30gb without that problem.

On the pc with problems, I leave it on day and night on, for backups. And this affects the Samba client, forcing me to restart it every day. Also the memory does not recognize it correctly, with 4gb, and the virtualaddress in 3072mb, shows me approx. 3500mb. Or a combination of several things.

To get a reasonably good idea of partition used and free size use FREEPM from Daniel F. Valot.

After leaving tonight on, making the copies, I find this:
Drive c: jfs boot partition in SSD
Yesterday - Lcm total size allocated 755.700kb (ok)
Today lcm - total size allocated 1.691M
The sistem show 28940692kb free, 30.683.344kb total
I lost this night 936.000kb

What does the computer do at night?
It only runs a few cmd s that call rar32 to make the copies to Nas units or to different units in the network.Running automatically with schedule

At this rate of almost 1gb per day, I have for 28 days before having to restore.


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