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JFS Error during boot

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After a power down of our EComstation system we got the following error after bootup:

The system detected an internal processing error at
location ##1800:05b5 - 0003:05b5.
65535, 9051
JFSBOOT: Error reopening file C:\OS2\DLL\DOSCALL1.DLL $heart$ng JFS drive
Internal revision 14.101a_SMP

The system is stopped. Record all of the above information and
contact your service representative.

Does any one have a clue what might have caused this to happen because this makes it difficult to recover from a sudden power down.

I don't know exactly what the message means not having bootable JFS. 

The first thing I would do is to boot to the maintenance partition and run chkdsk C: /F and see what it throws up.  If you don't have a maintenance partition then boot from CD and do it that way [I understand that the eCS CD allows you to do that].

Andi B.:

--- Quote ---Internal revision 14.101a_SMP
--- End quote ---
Wonders if this is a typo or if you really try bootable JFS with such an old kernel.

I got this errormessage from one of our service engineers that booted the system again after a powerdown. I hope they wrote down the exact message.
We really use bootable JFS on our ecomstation systems. These systems run control software to monitor our system that is connected via serial lines and is continuesly logging data.
The partitions are as follows:
Physical Harddisk 1: Drive C:, D:
Physical Harddisk 2: Drive E:, F:
Drive F: is used to backup important data from drive C:. We use the zip utility to facilitate this.
I have tested this on a test setup and found no problems while the system was powered down while it is logging and doing a backup. After starting it up again the system continued normally. So I wonder how this could have happened.
The service engineer allready recovered from this situation by installing an image containing the default installation and restoring the backup.

I lean to the same explanation as Andi B.  But before you install a new kernel, you need to access the disk again.  After booting from the reserve partition (or in your case better from the installation cd) to get a newer kernel running during your restore session, and issue the command "chkdsk /f c:".  This ought to correct your disk problem, at least to the stage that you can reboot in the ordinary way and see if the problem reappears.  If it does not, you are probably fine, continuing with the old kernel, but I would still advice you to move to a newer kernel as changes to eCS presumes 14.104a_xxx or newer.

I run bootable JFS (but with the most recent kernel: 14.105a_SMP) which works beautifully with bootable JFS).

Good luck! Eirik


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