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Paul Smedley:
Hi All,

Wanting to encourage anyone who has an interest in porting software to eCS from unix, to post their questions in this forum.  I answer a lot of questions on IRC or when I see them in the newsgroups, but this forum is a far more convenient place for those questions (unless the server crashes again :P)



Martin Iturbide:
Hi Paul

I do not have current development skills, I did some programming back in my college days (post 2001) .

What do you think it will be a good exercise on porting some software to OS2-eCS to learn and get used to the tools?
Which tools are basic to start porting software?


Paul Smedley:
In terms of tools  shameless plug is http://os2ports.smedley.id.au/index.php?page=BuildEnvDVD :)

In the absolute best case scenario, the process is:
1) extract source
2) run configure using something like:
    ash ./configure --prefix=/name_of_app --disable-shared --enable-static 2>&1 | tee configure.log
    --prefix specifies where we want to install the app - default will be /usr or /usr/local
    --disable-shared tells it not to build shared libraries (in most cases the app won't know how to build shared libraries (ie DLL's)
    --enable-static forces static libraries to be built
    2>&1 | tee configure.log puts the output from configure into a file called configure.log for debugging purposes
3) assuming configure completes:
     make 2>&1 | tee build.log
    runs make, with output of the command pipes into build.log
4) If no, errors.
    make install
    output will be put into the directory specified as prefix in 2)

I'd suggest starting with a simple command line app like wget

People seem to want to be ambitious and start with something like virtualbox!

Dave Yeo:
Recent wget doesn't build cleanly. Might I suggest xz as a starting point. Seems to be very portable, is being used quite a bit, often with tar giving tar.xz archives and at least here DLLs also built fine.

Want to try to compile Rocrail, but its using Bazaar instead of CVS. How different are those two? Is it hard / difficult to port Bazaar to OS/2-eCS? Paul, you did CVS as far as I know, how difficult was it?


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