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Install TTF Fonts with Rexx

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Alex Taylor:

--- Quote from: Jan-Erik Lärka on June 10, 2013, 08:05:28 am ---There are functions to retrieve the boot drive, but also environment variables to use for backup if the function is not available.

--- Code: ---ttfs = SysBootDrive()||'\PSFONTS\TTF'
--- End code ---
Please note that the function is only available with newer rexxutil from Object REXX. So plain vanilla Warp 4 doesn't have it I guess by default, but eCS does.

--- End quote ---

The so-called "Object REXX" functions were added to the standard REXXUTIL in Warp 4 with FixPak 6 (and to Warp 3 in FixPak 35). 

--- Quote ---I looked at your instfont exe Alex and the source code before I wrote the script. It would be very interesting as part of a rexx library, perhaps your RxULS!

--- End quote ---

Better in RXUTILEX (and it's on my TODO list, in fact).


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